It's time to get you up and running.


We'll help show you the way.

Start your free 14-day trial.

Input your shop details to get your trial account up and running.


Configure registers and sales tax for the region you sell in.


Connect your hardware and get it working for either PC or Mac.


Enter an order with the sample products already in your IRIS software or add

in your own using our inventory tools.


Watch our demo video and learn what IRIS can do for your flower shop.

Decided to stay with IRIS.... lets take the next step.


It's a big day for your flower shop.


Set up the types of payments your store accepts.


Import your products and customers with our CSV files or add them in manually.


Set up product pads for easy access to your most popular products.


Set up hot spots and delivery zip code / zones.


Get training from IRIS support professionals.  Boost your confidence in every area of IRIS.

Step 2

Now focus on your flower shop.


Take it to the next level.


Set up your dashboard to give you quick, up to date sales figures to see how your shop is performing.


Customize your sales reports to help build your business by managing

your inventory and maximizing your profits.


Take advantage of our Ecommerce websites or integrate IRIS with WooCommerce, 3dCart or FSN.


Our support team will be there to help should you need them at any point.

Step 3

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