IRIS Floral POS has come a long way.


Thanks to our independent flower shops, we now have members across the U.S., Canada and internationally using our best version ever.


Your next generation floral point of sale.


About the company that's changing the way florists look at retail.

It all begins with a great team

that loves florists.


Lets learn a bit more about a few of the people behind IRIS and what they do to bring better floral software and customer service to the industry.

Constantine Detsis - Developer / CEO

With a passion for software engineering and creating new products, Constantine found an industry in desperate need of a more beautiful and affordable floral POS system.  Combining his 15 plus years of development experience with the creative suggestions of our florists, IRIS was born.

Constantine has developed a passion for flowers over the years and a love for the industry.


He has designed and developed applications for some of the largest companies in the world.

It is his mission to continually improve the IRIS platform and to listen to needs of his customers.

Karen Napoli - Customer Service & Support

Karen is a seasoned technical support representative and accounting "smarty" with more than 12 years under her belt.  She has spoken at numerous conferences and provides both online training and support for our florists.  As head of the support staff, her dedication has led to personal one-on-one relationships with nearly our entire member base.


Prior to joining IFN Enterprises, Inc., Karen was team leader in software training for numerous companies throughout the New York City area.  She continues to build customer relationships and strives for excellence in training and support.

J Thomas - Product Development

As a long time florist, successful shop owner and IRIS user, J joined the IRIS team with the intention

of further improving the IRIS software and to help make a valuable contribution to the floral industry.

J works hands on with the development team providing approval of concept, insight and valuable knowledge based on years of floral POS experience.


His determination has helped take IRIS floral POS to a new level and truly deliver a quality product expected by the industry.

What makes us different?


We listen to our florists.

A product is only as good as how well you listen to your customers.  We've taken the last two years

of suggestions to bring you our best version ever.


IRIS floral POS Hybrid was a collaborative effort between our developers and flower shops.  Weekly online meetings were held to discuss features, design and implementation to ensure the kind of point-of-sale florists want.

...and what makes us better?


Beautiful design.  More features.  Works online & offline.

IRIS floral POS offers a nice, comfy security blanket.  If your Internet connection dies during a busy day, you can still take your sales.  Never again worry about having to turn a customer away because your point-of-sale

is unavailable.


Not only that, but you can still hold and retrieve orders, create drafts and even print with no live Internet connection.

We are not resellers & we don't cut corners.


We build our own.

Today, the floral industry is plagued with software resellers.  Much of the floral software you

see being sold on the market is otherwise free, open source technology re-branded with

only a handful of technical changes or owned by another company altogether.


The IRIS team takes the time and makes the effort to bring you floral software

built in-house and from scratch.  Proudly.

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