Creating passwords


Security is our top priority.  In order to protect our customer accounts, IRIS enforces strict password policies.

Please take a moment to read about the requirements below.




  • Must contain a minimum of 8 characters.
  • Must contain at least one letter and one number.
  • Can not contain your username.
  • Are case sensitive.
  • "Should" contain at least one capital letter.
  • Spaces are not allowed.
  • DO NOT use your store name or other personal information for your username or password.


Some important tips...


  • DO NOT use anything directly related to you.  Street addresses, phone numbers, license plates, etc should be avoided.
  • DO NOT use the name of any person or place in your password.  Attackers know all the common names.
  • DO NOT use any word from the dictionary.  Attackers have automated dictionary libraries.
  • DO NOT use a phrase or sentence.  Once a portion of a phrase or sentence is guessed, the rest is easy to figure out.

IRIS floral POS password requirements.


IRIS upholds strict password policies.

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